Welcome to MeMi Textiles
- Designed and produced by us, for your children and the environment -

About MeMi Textiles

MeMi Textiles was born as the result of a clear gap: A healthier and more sustainable diaper solution that is easy to use, highly performant and comfortable for children.

With our diaper brand Lillefar, we strive to offer a solution for parents and childcarers who are looking for an alternative to common throwaway diaper products and brands.

Our brand Lillefar is...

.... good for children

.... good for parents

.... good for nature

Our Values


We care about the health of children  - which is why we're only allowing natural ingredients and fibres materials in direct skin contact. For achieving performance we do not use chemicals - just textiles.


We want to protect our environment - not just for us, but for the future of our children. Therefore, our products are made 100% in Germany with natural, sustainable materials.


We know that a day-to-day with children can be exhausting - which is why our products are easy-to-use and do not require substantial maintaining procedures: Simply put it in the washing machine!

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